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What to see in Salento

Traditions, Art, Landscapes

Salento Map: ready to go!

Are you planning a holiday in Salento? Download here the map to choose the places to visit and the best itineraries.

Grotta della Poesia – Poetry Cave

Grotta della Poesia (Poetry Cave) is one of the ten most beautiful natural swimming pools in the world: a clear water mirror in the white cliffs of the Adriatic Cost of Salento, the hill of Italy.

A little tour along the Adriatic Coast

The line of Adriatic coast that goes from Santa Maria di Leuca to the WWF reserve “Le Cesine” is a 90 kilometres road that grants wonderful views of cliffs, olive tree groves, pine groves, dunes and Mediterranean scrub.

Lecce and the Baroque Architecture

Lecce is one of the finest example of the Italian Baroque style. Walking into the city you can discover very beautiful and scenic corners, and very beautiful baroque buildings.

Otranto: what to see

On the easternmost part of Italy lies the city of Otranto. Its most ancient part, with the typical white houses, is nestled inside the Aragonese walls, which in the past protected the city and its castle.

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