A long stretch of rocky and sandy coastline bathed by crystal clear waters. These are the “Marine di Malendugno”, well-known seaside resorts on the Adriatic Sea of ​​Apulia repeatedly awarded with national and international recognition like the Blue Flag.

Torre Sant’Andrea

Once a fishing village, Torre Sant’Andrea is now a very small seaside town with few houses inhabited mostly during the summer season. A simple and authentic place, from which you are immediately conquered.

Here the coast is mainly rocky and full of inlets. To the left of the Sant’Andrea beach there is an extremely suggestive stretch of cliff characterized by high white rocks overlooking the sea called “the stacks of San’Andrea“. Walking on the rocky ridge it is possible to find enchanting coves.

Far from the shops and beach establishments Sant’Andrea is a pleasantly relaxing place for an afternoon or evening stroll. Live music and concerts during summer make Sant’Andrea a nice place to spend summer nights.

Torre dell’Orso

An enchanting bay of white sand surrounded by sand dunes and a thick pinewood: this is Torre dell’Orso!

The sandy beach and the clear sea are surrounded by the rocky ridge. The name of this place comes from the famous watchtower (“Torre”) dating back to the 16th century with stands. But the symbol of Torre dell’Orso, from many years, is the rock of “le due sorelle” (the two sisters rock), located at sea on the south side of the sandy beach.

Following the path through the pine forest you reach the rocky ridge, from which you can admire the beach in all its beauty. Torre dell’Orso is a very popular tourist center for families,  with many tourist residences, hotels and villages. Clubs, bars and restaurants liven up the town night and day, offering entertainment for adults and kids.

Roca Vecchia

Going forward from Torre dell’Orso to the north Adriatic coast of Salento, you will find Roca Vecchia, a small village made up of a few houses. The coast here is mainly rocky and the beach is almost completely absent. For this reason, this town is little frequented by bathers but very appreciated by lovers of snorkeling and fishing.

Going beyond the group of houses, continuing northwards, you reach one of the most famous places in Salento: the cave of poetry. The cave of poetry is  a natural pool carved into the rock,  a mirror of clear water between the white cliff. This place is made even more impressive by the archaeological remains, a sign of the ancient civilizations of this land. Very crowded during the summer months, it reveals all its charm during the spring and autumn months.

San Foca

Among the seaside resorts of Melendugno coastline, San Foca is certainly the one with the best balance of tourism and authenticity. Inhabited not only in summer but partly even during the winter months, San Foca offers numerous pubs, markets, restaurants, tourist accommodation, beaches. The old traditions of Salento live in the dishes offered by restaurants, in local crafts, in religious rites and festivals.

Here the sandy coast alternates with rocky stretches on a crystal clear sea. For this reason San Foca is loved both by tourists looking for quiet beaches to sunbathe and by snorkeling and fishing lovers.

Below the watchtower, which is now the harbor master’s office, is the tourist port, where various boats are moored. Here in the early hours the fishermen return and it is possible to buy fresh fish directly from the boats.

Torre Specchia Ruggeri

Going north from San Foca you can reach Torre Specchia. Like for the most of Salento seaside resorts here you can find an ancient tower watching the sea, once a precious sighting point for enemy boats.The village consists of a few houses, which are almost populated during summer. The coast is mostly rocky and alternates with small charming beaches.

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